Calling all performing artists! From dancers, to poets, to emcees — we are looking for artists to perform at the SOMArts Bay Gallery for URBAN x INDIGENOUS IV.

UxI IV: Unite the Tribes seeks to re-commune, reconnect, and reorganize our urban indigenous family.  We are looking for performances that challenge the forces that attempt to divide us, that speaks to the power of uniting in the face of adversity. How do we reclaim our belonging to our lands, to our ancestors, and to each other? How do we unite across the borders that have been created for us to re-envision how we live together, how we resist together, and how we shape the future for our generations yet to come? Can we achieve a way of solidarity that still embraces our differences?

As UxI enters our fourth year, we seek to create a space for engagement between art and artists of different mediums. As such, we ask that performers develop their pieces in a way that responds to this year’s Featured Conversations (shown below). The Featured Conversations are visual artworks that exceptionally reflect the vision of Unite the Tribes. They embody themes we are exploring in this year of UxI: healing through community and collective decolonization; exploring our relationship to the lands to which we are indigenous and on which we are settlers; revitalizing indigenous creative practices; joining together in movements to protect our land and communities; and recognizing intertwined histories and struggles in solidarity. We are looking for proposals for performances that address these themes. Proposals are strongly encouraged to respond directly to a specific Featured Conversation and may incorporate an installation’s physical as well as conceptual qualities.


Sagradong Pyramid by Champoy, Nicanor Evangelista, & Diyan Bukobomba

Sagradong Tatsulok

Installation of palm leaves and found materials. ADDITIONAL INFO

Indigenous Land by Atieno Nyar Kasagam

Short film. VIDEO LINK

Wounds Many/Spotted Eagle by Keith Secola


Wall-mounted large scale screenprints on found book covers.

An Aberrational Poetics: Inside Me an Island Shaped W/hole by Lehua Taitano & Lisa Jarrett

Aberrational Poetics.jpg

Participatory installation with organic vegetable seedlings. ADDITIONAL INFO

Making the Disposable Sacred by Natani Notah


Dust masks with indigenous beadwork. ADDITIONAL INFO

Illicit Family Tree Ring by Seneca Kern & Natasha Tamate Weiss


Bureau of objects and accompanying writings. ADDITIONAL INFO

Submission Guidelines


We appreciate creative works from anyone* who feels this connection to explore – the intersection of the indigenous and the urban; the discourse on cultural disintegration/reintegration under imperialism; & how unifying within and across tribal identities can empower communities of color. We hope you can encourage the greater community around you to submit as well. For this call for submissions, we are only seeking performance-based works.

*(QT)POC artists especially those native to Turtle Island and Oceania are encouraged to apply. You may choose to submit anonymously as well.


Calling for submissions of any performance medium (dance, music, spoken word, etc.)

Please include a short description of your performance piece (300 words max) and relevant media that will be used:

  • POEM : mp3 recording & pdf of poem
  • DANCE : mp3 of track (title & artist) & video
  • SONG/MUSIC : mp3 recording & pdf of lyrics

We ask that submissions/performance pieces are kept to a maximum of 15 minutes long. If your piece goes beyond the time frame, please include in your description/proposal with why you will need extra time. For musical performances, there is no limit to your set list as long as it follows the 15 minute rule (about 3-4 songs).


  1. Send one e-mail per submission to
  2. Format the subject line as follows:

Last Name – First Name – Title of Piece – Medium (eg. dance, spoken word, rap)

ex: Dizon – Sammay – Unite the Tribes – Dance Performance

  1. Please include the following information:
  • Name, Email, Phone, Mailing Address
  • Brief 50-word artist biography
  • If applicable, which Featured Conversation does your performance respond to?
  • For anonymous submissions, please include an asterisk (*) next to your name.
  • Any additional info about your piece
  • Which of June 16, 2018 and June 17, 2018 are you available to perform?

Although we are unable to offer honorariums for artists, UxI is happy to provide non-fiscal support for those who will perform at “Unite the Tribes.” Artists will be integrated in UxI’s marketing strategy, being featured on our social media and in newsletters. We will also provide documentation of performance (photo & video), and 2 complimentary festival passes (Saturday & Sunday).

Our team is so excited to listen, view, and experience your powerful performances. We look forward to reviewing your submissions!


All Love,


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