We are SO excited to share space with some incredible artists, performers, and storytellers at UxI IV: Unite the Tribes! If you haven’t snagged tickets yet, you can purchase them right here. See you there! And now, introducing our tribe:


Champoy by Sophia Kandell

champoy (born Janeil Sumampong Lim) is an LA-based artist born and raised in Bukidnon, a province in the Southern Philippines. His drawings are heavily influenced by comix infused with abstracted organic patterns and humorous images lifted from his personal cosmology and culture shock. IG: @champchampchampoy

Secola_MSP1Keith Secola belongs to the Northern Ute and Anishinaabe Nations. He received his BFA in painting with a focus on silkscreen printing from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2012.  Finding a balance between contemporary life and tradition, he created a blend of images, prints, sculpture, and installation derived from oral storytelling, urban life, and Native America to communicate his work.

Atenio Nyar Kasagam is a Pan-Africanist Sangoma and Urban farmer whose motherland is in the Nam lolwe Lake Basin, at the source of the River Nile. She lives in and experiences Detroit as a black mecca, the land where she was born into a woman, and a mother of 3 African American children. She is committed to the the practice and embodiment of black magic as a strategy for aliveness, staying connected with her lineage, and harnessing power and knowledge to co-create a more abundant future.

Lehua M. Taitano, a native Chamoru from Yigo, Guåhan (Guam), is a queer writer and interdisciplinary artist.  She is the author of two volumes of poetry: Inside Me an Island (WordTech Editions, forthcoming 2018) and A Bell Made of Stones (TinFish Press). Taitano currently serves as the Community Outreach Coordinator on the Executive Board of the Thinking Its Presence: Race, Literary and Interdisciplinary Studies Conference.

Lisa Jarrett (Portland, OR) is an artist and educator. Her intersectional practice considers the politics of difference within a variety of settings including: schools, landscapes, fictions, racial imaginaries, studios, communities, museums, galleries, walls, mountains, mirrors, floors, rivers, and lenses. She exists and makes socially engaged work within the African Diaspora.

Natani Notah is an interdisciplinary artist, poet, and graphic designer. She is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation (Diné) and is also of Lakota and Cherokee descent. Inspired by acts of decolonization, Indigenous feminism, and Indigenous futurism, her work explores contemporary Native American identity through the lens of Diné womanhood.

img_20180608_113551_551.jpgSeneca Kern For the past 10 years, Seneca has worked building gardens for homes, schools, and common spaces. Centered on self-reliance and community revitalization, his work brings home our most local, organic, sustainable food. He’s also incorporated natural jewelry to heal traumas around land and farming for people of color. IG: @ohhhSoIL

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 5.28.15 PMnatamwe integrates the medicinal practices of Kotodama (the spirit of words), Reiki and acupuncture, Taiko drumming, and filmmaking to shape spaces for us to remember/imagine right relationship with land and spirit. She is a recipient of the Glimmer Train Short Story Award, and has writing published in AK Press’ “Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief”. IG: @natamawe


Eva Grant is an indigenous storyteller who lives and studies in the heart of Muwekma Ohlone territory, erroneously referred to as the Bay Area. Their short stories, poems, plays, and films speak of identity, memory, and the ever-changing nature of home. IG: @soeur_du_mal

G. A. Aishwarya Vardhana is a Bay Area based visual artist and writer. Working in digital art, drawing, installation and photography, Vardhana combines south Asian art forms with modern technology. Her work bridges contemporary concerns with centuries-old cultural histories to reveal generational and cultural signifiers to a younger generation. IG: @shweeze

kayan_mugshot.jpgKayan Cheung-Miaw As a cartoonist, Kayan aims to humanize those who have been dehumanized. As an organizer, Kayan’s leadership for the Yank Sing restaurant workers’ campaign resulted in a historic $4 million settlement for 280 workers. As an educator, Kayan uses art to teach critical thinking, empathy, and social justice. KayanComics.com

Lynn Luzano Bryant was raised in a Filipino community of artists in Salinas Valley, California and a Filipino Balikbayan since the age of 7. The art she creates now seeks to merge and express the fusing and interpretation of her cultural experience. Contact lynnbryant@gmail.com to dream up new things to build

Morgan Johnson: I am an artist and like to capture authentic moments. The more transparent, the better​. I try to recreate the essence of the emotions, energy and mood in the picture. I’ve only been doing photography for a short time, but I love it and want to grow in it.


Kaitlyn Evangelista: I’m Kaitlyn, a Filipina from the Tenderloin. I gained inspiration to use art as an outlet because I grew up having a difficult time loving my brown skin because of the world’s shame. From there I taught myself how to paint, to free myself and learn to

Kristian Kabuay was born in the Philippines and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He spent his college years in the Philippines where he honed his knowledge about the native ancient writing system, Baybayin. Kristian is a self-taught artist influenced by calligraphy, graffiti, abstract art, indigenous culture, technology and Asian writing systems. IG: @baybayin | FB: kristiankabuay


Cristine Blanco is a Bay Area visual artist. Her current practice explores the physical and psychological properties of water. Understanding water as a transformative, healing practice and as a limited resource. Cristine’s most recent work has been included in Brown Girl Surf (OAK) and Sea Sick in Paradise (LA). IG: @cblanco

Audrey Mei Yi Brown is a writer who recently graduated from UCLA. In her work, she tries to find language to tell the stories of entangled social, environmental and political geographies that surround her. She is interested in how language can help radically (re)imagine a more equitable world.

Annakai 早川 Geshlider watches words scrape / lift / sway / stick / smash / rot / prank / feed. a fan of gabbing, silence, bittermelon, & jokes, she wonders: when old words won’t do the trick, then what? how to sprout, cross out, unmake? wonder: how to remember, plus forget? wonder: how can word: move through breath, limb? wonder: scrap all that: what’s left ta say?

20180510_121913.jpgDiana Li is an artist and arts organizer. As an artist, she works with video, performance and installation, experimenting with technology to channel intergenerational transmissions of memory and knowledge from the ether-nets of her mixed diasporic background. She is a founding member of Appendix Collective and cultivates joy with SoMapagmahal. IG: @art.dianali

Chris Marin: I am showing both the idea of truly showing the interaction of the private and public life. My work runs a narrative of what it means to be a man through the enlightenment of acknowledging and coming to an understanding of recent American History.

fcac_war_texta_images-jodyhaines-6912-1.jpgTextaQueen unweaves influences of cultural and colonial legacies on politics of gender, race, sexuality and identity. Best known for intricate felt-tip portraiture created in collaborative process with other ‘othered’, diasporic and displaced folks, her current practice examines her own existence as a person of Indian origin living on others’ ancestral lands. IG & FB: @TextaQueen

anna_glinoga.jpgAnna GlinogaI is currently working for the Commission of Filipino Language (Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino KWF). This project that she is involved with aims to document the dying culture of indigenous people and/or communities in the Philippines. She had the opportunity to work for Pilipinas HD – a medium through which the Filipino is Educated and Celebrated through fact based and credible story telling documentaries on Philippine culture. IG: @ankrnmg



Louisa Songco is a young Pilipinx artist from Los Angeles, CA. She hopes that her art can showcase the beauty of Pilipinx culture and connect her audience. IG: @chichailou

Maya Fuji Born in Japan and raised in the Bay Area, Maya’s art is inspired by both her cultural heritage as well as the local cultures of the SF Bay Area. Her work explores themes of traditional Japanese folklore within the context of modern day society and pop culture. Each piece has a story to tell– historical legends, lessons and ghost stories of the “Ukiyo (floating world)” era, reimagined through the lens of the digital age. Social media handle: @fuji1kenobe

Charles Philippe Jean-Pierre is a Caribbean American Artist with indigenous roots.  He’s an American University Art professor and U.S. State Department Artist. He’s exhibited with the Asian Pacific American Smithsonian and his intersectional work, which centers on population and space, is currently on display at the International Monetary Fund.

Michael Viduya IG: @hapandtap


Boondock Squad is a hip-hop and rock band whose music is for the people of the boondocks– the masses, the outliers, those in the margins, and the sections in society whose truths need to be heard. They are comprised of J.Theo on vocals, Rodel on vocals and keys, Fonzzilla on the turntables, Mhyck on guitar, Allen on bass, and Mykho on drums. facebook, instagram, twitter: @boondocksquad | boondocksquad@gmail.com

Daniel Arizmendi (AKA Snowflake Towers) is an indigenous artist of Tzeltal Mayan (Chiapas, MX) and Yaqui (Sonora, MX/Arizona) heritage.

Javier Stell-Fresquez is a performance provocateur originally from El Paso (Tigua & Piru Native American, Xican@). Follow her latest project about motherhood, queerness, and toxicity on Facebook @MotherTheVerb

headshot_alejoe_uxi2018.jpgErina Alejo approaches their multidisciplinary practice as an artist, activist-scholar, educator and community organizer through an ethnographic framework rooted in people power. Alejo is a founding member of Appendix Collective, formed through their 2016 Asian American Women Artist Association (AAWAA) Emerging Curator Fellowship with Diana Li. Establishing SoMapagmahal Photography Mxntorship Program in 2017 with a team of artists of color reactivates the critical joy cultivated by youth of color in SoMa Pilipinas Filipino Cultural Heritage District. Alejo has shown work at and collaborates with AAWAA, Southern Exposure, Filipino Mental Health Initiative-SF, Kearny Street Workshop, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, {m}aganda Magazine and The Pilipinx American Library. Erina is a third generation renter and lives with family in Excelsior, SF, documented through their @ahxstoryofrenting Instagram project. IG: @discobangus

Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho represents intertwined lineages experiencing dislocation from homeland, tradition, and language yet persist through spiritual magic slowly revealing itself through building relationships with indigenous cultural practicioners across the planet. I develop a spiritual consciousness to journey with the ancestors through hip hop, movement, and sound composition.

Joy Cosculluela Somatic educator and performing artist, Joy is artistic director of Wayfinding Performance Group, a multicultural ensemble in SF.  She created dance theatre works “Homing Devices” and “All that Remains,” and presented at NOH Space, Z Below, Foolsfury Festival, among other events. Joy explores Filipinx immigrant themes against backdrop of decolonization. Wayfindingperformance.com


Molly Olis Krost is a Bay Area based, Filipina, bi-racial playwright currently pursuing her MFA at SFSU. She holds two B.A.’s from UC Berkeley. Molly’s plays have been performed in Zellerbach Hall and Durham Studio Theater. Her writing has been published in {m}aganda magazine. Twitter: @mllykrst | IG: @molly.o.k

krisha hernández is an embodiment of Mexica/Aztec, Yaqui (Yoeme), Bisayan ancestors— a queer Indígena, storyteller, scholar, poet, and ph.d. candidate. they are a teaching fellow in the department of anthropology at uc santa cruz, a researcher in the indigenous science, technology, and society hub/lab created by dr. kim tallbear, and writes with the creatures collective. IG: @writingcomadre

IMG-1696.JPGKAPWA.VES is a creative and energy worker. Her heart centered oral artistry is used to inspire soulful movements and free thinking. Accompanying her is TAYO–  meaning “US” or “We” in the Filipino language. TAYO is a circle of diverse artists united by the spirit of KAPWA (togetherness) and guided by their shared ancestors to support each other’s growth and self expression through rhythm and sound. In union with the mic, we vibrate truths imprinted in our hearts and minds to resonate with the collective.  This is US. We are ONE. 

gfm.jpgGet Free began as a term of endearment, used to encourage decompression and freedom through the cultivation of dance, visual art, poetry and music. Get Free develops a solidarity of art embodying personal triumph, deep struggle and worldly innovation of creative ideas. IG: @getfree_movement

A Stage of Our Own (ASOO) is a Philippine and Pacific Island collective of artists, organizers, educators, and researchers, creating contemporary works centered on womxn’s experiences. We are based in Tongva territory, also known as Los Angeles. IG: @astageofourown

Toni Temehana Pasion is a dancer, curator, and teaching artist. Toni’s creative processes  are informed by her hula, Philippine, ori Tahiti, contemporary dance, and writing practices. As a teaching artist in various elementary schools, she works towards expanding culture-based education through dance. Toni is the founder and producer of A Stage of Our Own.

Abe Lagrimas, Jr. is a musician, composer, educator, and author who studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He competed in the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Drums Competition and continues to be an in-demand session musician. Abe is a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award recipient and has released multiple albums in the United States, Japan, and Korea. His book Jazz Ukulele: Comping, Soloing, Chord Melodies is available in stores worldwide and on Amazon.

Leilani Banday is a Tongva territory based artist taking strides for truth, beauty and indigenous recognition. Also a mother of two boys, Leilani draws inspiration from the wisdom that parenthood provides as well as her experience as an Island Womb*an. Leilani is a multi-disciplinary Pasifika Filipina artist with A Stage of Our Own.

Leah Ramos is originally born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her BFA in Ballet at the University of Cincinnati. She has performed with companies in Florida and Ohio. Leah currently resides in Los Angeles where she continues to dance and video edit. Leah is half Filipino and half Korean. She is a dancer with Kayamanan Ng Lahi and an artist with A Stage of Our Own.


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