URBAN x INDIGENOUS (UxI) is a multi-disciplinary, inter-generational convening of artists, activists, incubators, scholars, and community members to honor our ancestors in a society which is driven by the act of leaving them behind. How do we thrive in a time and place that shoves our ancestral connections and indigenous ties to the side? What can we do as a community to ensure our earth is replenished and not a free-for-all wasteland driven by for-profit and for-politics? Why is it important for us to embrace our indigenous selves and find ways to integrate our urban lifestyle into our ancient ways? Who then do we become once we finally feel that we are fully whole as urban-indigenous dwellers  who do we become if we are not willing to be at peace with this at all? Envisioned in 2015 by hip hop dance artist and indigenous arts advocate, Samantha “SAMMAY” Dizon, this event invites the next generation of movers, shakers, and believers to remember those who lived before us so that we may breathe in the life force of today.

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